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The first Global Sugar Summit launches in London on March 27, with a packed day of content that addresses the challenges across the sugar supply chain today.

The Summit, which is presented by Sugaronline, features exclusive access to the most relevant insights and analysis from producers to industrial users in the food industry, bringing together top global leaders in the sugar industry for an exclusive event at The Savoy.

In a new and exclusive format for the industry, the conference will also be streamed live around the world, providing industry professionals with priority access to the insights, analysis and debates.

The agenda has been specifically curated to deliver the most comprehensive and thought-provoking content available, with concise and lively TED-style talks and heated debates on the most contentious issues in the market. These will include the first time a sugar conference has featured a panel on alternative sweeteners and their impact on the global market, as well as a heated debate on obesity and sugar taxes, featuring Professor Graham MacGregor from Action on Sugar, Chris Snowdon from the UK’s Institute for Economic Affairs and Dr Robert Lustig from the University of California.

Other talks throughout the day include the impact of India’s mega surplus on the global market and what can be expected from the complaint launched at WTO over allegedly illegal subsidies, first-hand views of the impact of Brexit on world market trade as well as analysis on the impacts of FX and risk. The morning will be kicked off with an update on global production and consumption from José Orive, Executive Director at the International Sugar Organisation.

Meghan Sapp, Managing Director and Editor of Sugaronline, says:

“At Sugaronline, we are at the forefront of innovation in the sugar industry and have received award nominations for our role in driving forward the agenda. The Global Sugar Summit is our latest innovation and will be the most insightful and advanced conference the sugar industry has ever seen, built on quality content, top speakers and invaluable market intelligence.

“But, while it’s a global event, industry professionals don’t need to leave their office to join the discussion. With the new and exclusive live streaming of the Summit, it’s possible to stay up-to-date with the latest views, analysis and innovations from the comfort of your own desk, office or conference room. Only a handful of places are still available to attend the event in person, but you can still access the live stream, so visit the website to secure your place at the Global Sugar Summit.”

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