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Also Communications is proud to support the Women in Finance Charter.

The Charter is a commitment by HM Treasury to work together with signatory firms to build a fairer industry and companies that sign up to it are signalling their intent to reflect the government’s aspiration to achieve gender balance at all levels across financial services businesses.

This doesn't just mean big organisations. HM Treasury encourages companies of all sizes to sign the Charter.

So, as a small business, we thought it was important to be a part of it.

For us, being signatories of the Charter provides an opportunity to stand on equal footing with larger organisations, to show our commitment to greater diversity and fairer representation in our industry.

And, being part of the Charter, also helps to develop stronger relationships with like-minded businesses and help to enhance our reputation as a business.

As signatories of the Women in Finance Charter, we are asked to set a numerical target for gender diversity in senior management. Given that we are a husband and wife management team, our current diversity ratio is already 50/50.

So our target is to maintain this balance and be able to report that in five years time (May 2024) we will still have 50% women in senior management, whatever the size of the business at that time.

As a PR and Communications business, we also recognise that we are in a position to positively influence the narrative outside of our own organisation and so, as part of our commitment to the Women in Finance Charter, we also commit to promoting more diverse representation of spokespeople in the press. We will do this by working proactively with clients to review their approach and identify the most suitable and representative individuals to represent their business in external communications.

If you want to find out more about the Women in Finance Charter and register interest for your business to become a signatory, please visit


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